Top 14 Location of Fortnite Rubber Duckies

Top 14 Location of Fortnite Rubber Duckies

There are many challenges which need to complete before you proceed to next season. Today we are going to disclose Fortnite season 4 -week 1 challenge which was to find hidden Ducky to get 05 Star which will give you additional XP to clear all levels.

14 Location to find Fortnite Rubber Duckies

So, let check all the location where you will find rubber duckies, as you need to check these locations to fulfill your daily mission. As you know, all these rubber duckies will fetch you with 5 stars when you hunt down any 10 of them. So, let begin our journey to find these Rubber Duckies which will be in these locations.

  1. The first place to look is to go to the northeast part of the loot like there is a jetty, you will find one Rubber Ducky sitting there in the lake.
  2. Now go to the south of the loot lake, you will find a waterfall, one rubber ducky will be there waiting to discover.
  3. Now check in the north-west of Retail Row, you will find one old ruined house, check the bathroom on the ground floor and get the Rubber ducky in the bathtub.
  4. Now go and find a rectangular lake in the south of Fatal fields. Check the north side of the lake; you will find another Rubber Ducky.
  5. Move now towards the Snobby shores and look for a house with an empty swimming pool, it must be second from the left. Check the back garden with a swimming pool, and you will find Rubber Ducky inside it.
  6. Check the map, between Snobby Shores and Tilted Towers; you will find a small town with an indoor football pitch. Now venture into the west side of the building, and you will find some showers, here you will find one Rubber Ducky.
  7. Check the north side of Moisty Mire, you will find a swamp with a ruined hut, check there carefully and you will find Rubber Ducky just by the jetty.
  8. Now venture into the south of Moisty Mire which has one small pond. You will find one rubber ducky sitting in the middle of the pond.
  9. Now venture into the east part of Lonely Lodge and look for the pond, you will find rubber ducky against the outside edge.
  10. Now check the south-east of Lonely Lodge for a Stream which is next to a hut. You need to walk toward the ends of the stream which terminate in a cave; you will find a rubber Ducky in the edge of the cave.
  11. Now traverse to the north of the map, Check the end of the river, which is drop down from the waterfall, you can find one rubber ducky.
  12. Like this, if your traverse to the south of the map, check the end of the river by Lucky Landing, which is drop down to the waterfall, get one more Rubber Ducky
  13. Now check underneath of bridge which is north-west of Lucky Landing, you will find one Rubber Ducky
  14. Now check the south-east side of Greasy Grove, you will find one chained section just before the road. Enter the premises and destroy the water pipe with your Axe and you will find one Rubber Ducky hidden there.

Final words

Well, these are the top frotnite 14 places to find rubber ducky in Fortnite game. You need to collect only 10 Rubber Ducky to get 5 Star in the game and complete the mission. We encourage you all to find more location in the game where you can find Rubber Ducky. Comment below if we fail to get any other location in the game for the rubber ducky.

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