Top 10 Fortnite Chest Location with Maximum Loot

Top 10 Fortnite Chest Location with Maximum Loot

Are you looking for the maximum loot section of Fortnite map?

well, then you should check all the top location of Fortnite game where you will find ammo, weapons, duckies map and lots of loot. We have summarized the total top 10 Fortnite chest location which you need to explore in every game to survive.

Top 10 Fortnite Chest Location with Maximum Loot

  1. Tilted Towers
  2. Pleasant Park
  3. Haunted Hills
  4. Junk Junction
  5. Loot Lake
  6. Dusty Divot
  7. Salty Springs
  8. Desert Town
  9. Fatal Fields
  10. Lucky Landing

These are the maximum loot section around the map which you need to explore in order to get the maximum output in your effort.

Lets, drill one by one all these locations and get to know how to explore these places and find loot box.

1. Tilted Towers

This is the most active region which is used by online players; this area is covered with a high building which is full of hidden loot. You can find a total of 35 chests in this location.

  • Check the south-western house with red and blue color; you will find a chest on the top stairs.
  • Look for chest in the same house basement in the parking car area
  • Look for Clocktower; you will find two chests along with ammo box in the aisle
  • Look for wooden beam when you break the upper floor of clocktower platform
  • Break the building which is behind the clocktower by going to the staircase. Enter the basement, and you will find a chest
  • In the same small basement venture and you will find another chest
  • Now go around the shop and find lorry which is parked under the bridge, there is a chest in the back
  • Check for chest on the top floor over the bridge from the clocktower on some apartment.
  • Check these apartments there, and you will find a chest behind the wooden crate
  • Now check the park center, and you will find a chest
  • Check taco shop apartment for chest
  • Venture into the apartment, and you will find a bedroom which contains a chest
  • Check the Big Grey toilets for some hidden chest
  • Check the Big Grey office for hidden chest
  • Now venture into Big Grey third floor and get chest
  • Heads up for big Grey Fifth floor and you will find a chest on a table
  • Now heads up and go to the big red rooftop and get one chest
  • Heads up and check for big red fifth-floor bedroom
  • Get chest in big red fourth floor
  • You will also find a big red third floor with one chest
  • Now heads towards the basketball court in the north-west corner, you will find a chest in the southern basket.
  • Find new chest hidden behind the bar in the basketball court.
  • Check for the mechanic shop which is on the road of a basketball court; you will find a chest on the parked car.
  • Get one chest from the Noms Stockroom which is between big grey and big red in noms supermarket.
  • Check the L’s Stairwell with washing machine in it for chest
  • Now go to L’s Top floor for chest
  • You will find L’s bathroom with one chest
  • The hidden underground passage between lorries, check this chest
  • Check for wrecking ball cabin
  • Go to the top of first floor demolished building
  • Go to the north-east corner of the demolished building and get one chest

2. Pleasant Park

It is located in the vanguard and has very good loot; you can find more than 17 chests in this location. Some of the locations in a pleasant park are as given below

  • Modern house garage
  • Football ground center circle
  • Broken house upper attic
  • Broken house basement
  • North-west blue color house attic, garage,
  • North-eastern dog house

3. Haunted Hills

One of the best places to find a lot of chest, ammo, and weapon, when you did not want to encounter many enemies. This place is located on the outer edge of Fortnite map and has 21 chests present in the area. Some of the locations are

  • Back of the car
  • Check for the hidden tomb
  • Check chest in bat gravestone
  • Check-in the north-west tomb
  • Get chest in a raised tomb
  • Get chest in the church tower
  • Get chest in church hall and basement
  • South-west tower bottom

4. Junk Junction

Check the north-west of Fortnite map, and you can get some metal harvest to form this Junk Junction location. You can get maximum loot and ammo in this location and will find 14 chests in this location.

5. Loot Lake

One of the deadliest places where you will find more than 08 chests hidden in these mansions surrounded by a lake. You need to be very careful about this location as this is the most favorite place for all players and attract huge players attention.

6. Dusty Divot

Dusty Divot is an industrial area with lots of warehouses which are full of chest and loots. You can find more than 14 chests in total in these areas, and this also has a research center which contains many hidden chests.

7. Salty Springs

It is located in the middle of the Fortnite map and has more than 14 chests full of loots and ammo. You need to find these loots within landing, or you will be gun down from other players as this location is very dangerous as it stood in the middle of the map, which attracts many players to start their battle.

8. Desert Town

One of the small towns located outside the map of Fortnite which really any name don’t have, but if you check this town, it is on a desert and has more than 18 chests. Good to start your rank game or when you want to complete the mission with some good loots of ammo and weapons.

9. Fatal Fields

One of the strategic locations in the map, where you can get more than 17 chests, these are the fatal fields which are near to the middle of maps. If you conquer this location and eliminate all enemies, then you can harp on the resource found there. You can win the battle if you focus on this location and keep moving toward the safe zone with all the loots.

10. Lucky Landing

The lucky landing has 17 chests in total and is in the outskirt of the Fortnite map; you need to grab all the loot crate and proceed towards the middle of the safe zone. This place is full of east Asian theme which means it resembles all the house and tree on Asian platter.

Final Words

So, these are the Top 10 Fortnite Chest Location with Maximum Loot which you can venture during the game or battle and get maximum out from your efforts. We recommend visiting our website time to time as we are going to update our article from time to time as Fortnite tend to bring our new addition and hidden location in the game.

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